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1. Zero Waste Parenting

A Peer Support and Advocacy programme improving the visibility of breastfeeding, cloth nappies, sling wearing and other Zero Waste parenting ideas

Amount requested: £500

2. Behaviour Change Bins

The purchase of bins to complete the hand-made recycling station to encourage source separation by the public using St Columb’s Park House

Amount requested: £380

3. Planting for Pollination

Expanding a home growing project to the wider community, increasing pollination and biodiversity potential, while bringing colour to the community

Amount requested: £150

4. Evolution of the Irish Landscape

Exploring ‘rewilding’ within the context of how humans have occupied land over the last 10,000 years+ and applying the learning to today’s sustainable land practices

Amount requested: £500

5. A 'Head' Shed for Head Gardeners

A natural shelter within the St Columb’s Park allotments for people to grow themselves, close to the plants they likewise nurture

Amount requested: £500
(total cost £1350)

6. Living Sculptures within St Columb's Park

Enriching the recently cut tree stumps through living sculptures using plants as art, modelled on the inspiration from the Lost Gardens of Heligan

Amount requested: £500

7. Urban Horticulture

Demonstrating urban horticulture with the general public by bringing life through planting into a disused space within a busy public amenity area

Amount requested: £500

8. Walk, Talk and Mindfulness

Engaging groups that have been isolated during covid in some walk, talk and mindfulness in the park to enhance wellbeing and connection with each other

Amount requested: £500

9. Vintage Tea Event

Engaging local residents in an afternoon tea event to hear about the History of the House and wider Waterside area with a view to reconnecting after this period of isolation

Amount requested: £500

10. Reclaiming Language

Making language of nature more accessible to people by demystifying certain words and reclaiming others, using language as a tool within environmental justice movement

Amount requested: £500

11. Secret World of Bees

To create a safe experience for people to intimately view the private world of bees through establishing a bee hive with a clear viewing panel within the grounds of the House

Amount requested: £500

12. Climate Ambassadors

To obtain equipment for this group of Climate Ambassadors to strengthen and continue the work they do to promote stewartship within the grounds of St Columb’s Park House

Amount requested: £500

13. Meeting outdoors whatever the weather

Materials and equipment for groups to be able to meet outside during all seasons and access the outdoor space to boost participation and social action

Amount requested: £500

14. 'Spark' Youth

Purchasing equipment and materials to support outdoor cooking around the fire, keeping young people warm and giving them the skills to light fires while leaving no trace

Amount requested: £250

15. Outdoor Learning in all Seasons

Develop an outdoor area to extend the school community’s access to nature both part of the daily curriculum as well as outside of school hours

Amount requested: £500

16. Wood Store

Materials to build a wood store to keep firewood dry outside for access by Park Youth to light fires and do outdoor cooking

Amount requested: £500

17. Rewilding Radius

Inspired by the rewilding within St Columb’s Park, the Fold would like to rewild a part of their grounds as well as create a nighttime Garden Grotto

Amount requested: £500

18. Every Stream Has a Story

A project to research, describe and illustrate the stream that runs through St Columb’s Park

Amount requested: £500

19. Tree Times as Curious

This group is curious about the trees around the grounds of St Columb’s Park House and would like to research the trees, their folklore, and design signage for others to access this information

Amount requested: £500

20. Toy Library

Supporting the establishment of a Toy Library in the city for children to access ‘new’ toys each month, contributing to zero waste and affordability of toys

Amount requested: £500

21. Community Tree Nursery

Setting up a tree nursery to improve local biodiversity, capture carbon and provide food for pollinators. The nursery will demonstrate seed collecting, growing and grafting along with the preservation of native species

Amount requested: £500

22. Murals to Inspire Hope

Communicating an environmental message to the community of St Columb’s Park through graffiti, to counter despair by inspiring hope and change

Amount requested: £200

23. Playful Spaces

Purchasing outdoor play equipment for some of the childminders who use the park to increase access and time outdoors for these and other children who use the park

Amount requested: £500

24. Nollaig na mBan

To host an event with storytelling, crafts and entertainment to bring women together to learn or relearn about our heritage and connection to the land

Amount requested: £500

25. Therehuman

Why do we avoid thinking about climate change? What are the wellbeing benefits of engaging with nature? A one-off livestream event to explore these issues with the general public

Amount requested: £500

Thank you for your votes! We look forward to sharing the results at the end of Community Voting Week!

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